Stories for Homes is getting into action!

In just four days we have had over 7oo views to this blog, with visitors from 19 countries. People everywhere are spreading the word via Facebook and Twitter and their own personal social networks.

I cannot thank you all enough for taking this on!

The deadline for submissions is 31st May but already they are flooding in – brilliant! Keep them coming. Together we will create a remarkable book which people will thoroughly enjoy reading. 


Frequently asked questions:

Do the stories have to be in any particular genre? What about fantasy, horror, sci-fi?

This project is still shaping up and we will consider anything: give me a great story in any genre!

Does work have to be previously unpublished?

Not necessarily. We want to create the best possible read and if that includes a handful of previously published pieces so be it.

Do you accept poetry?

This not an anthology of poetry but it may be possible to slot a handful of short poems between pieces. Feel free to submit them, but please be aware that the scope will be limited.

Please keep the questions coming and I will update the answers here.

2 thoughts on “Stories for Homes is getting into action!

  1. It’s great to read how people from all over are coming together to make this happen – under the tireless energy of Sally, not to mention ed.-in-chief, Debi.

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