58 stories read SO FAR…

Fabulous Friday fare: 58 submissions to date and some amazing stories. Debi Alper, our editor in chief, and myself ate cake, drank coffee, laughed, cried, sighed, tweeted, FBed, IMed, texted, called, Word Clouded and generally engaged in all things writerly and readerly.

We even have covers being designed as we speak.

Want to get involved??  

Nothing is set in concrete yet (though I might cry if you try to snatch some of them off me. Don’t do it.)


You have two weeks left to submit your stories. The more great stories we get the better!!

Should we get back to you with a ‘maybe’ email – do re-submit after you have done some judicious tweaking!


We need an inspired cover. There is no brief. The title is ‘Stories for Homes’ beyond that, for now the text we have on the fron cover is open to debate…. SUBMISSIONS for covers can be made via email (storiesforhomes@gmail.com) or via our Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/StoriesForHomes

Thanks to other people’s social knowhow we are also on Twitter. (I’m impressed anyway.) @storiesforhomes

Please follow us, like us, message us, send us gifts and all the usual things.



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