The reviews are coming in…

Stories for Homes is getting some fantastic reviews; if you’ve not bought your copy yet, here’s a flavour of what folk have been posting on Amazon and Goodreads to persuade you to purchase and get your new year off to a flying start. The paperback is (at the time of writing) just £12.39, Kindle edition £4.99.

‘In these dyspeptic days after Christmas, here is one feast that won’t fatten; a collection of short stories around the theme of ‘homes’, a chocolate box that allows you to indulge without guilt. Some will make you laugh, others cry, and some will have you rummaging around in the box in the hope that there’s another one by that author. Feast away – it’s all in aid of Shelter but worth buying just for itself.’    Geoffrey Gudgion

‘In this book you’ll find stories and poems of the highest quality all linked together with the theme of ‘home’. It’s a really enjoyable read and thought provoking as well. Whether you’re a fan of short stories, or want to write them yourself this is a great book to start. Of course, if you just want to be transported into different times, places and people and enjoy a cracking read, then this is the book for you! All proceeds from this book go to Shelter. So not only a great read but also for a superb and worthy cause!’ R.F Hunt

‘I am not really a fan of short stories but bought this book as it is supporting a great cause. However it contains some beautiful writing with a good variety of styles and topics, and is a good read. Well worth spending money on and time reading.’ History Addict

‘Reading my way through this fantastic anthology -the fact that the proceeds go towards Shelter is enough of a reason to purchase (for me) but what a bonus that this is such a sparkling high calibre offering as well! I laughed, I cried, I pondered, and I enjoyed – still am enjoying as I haven’t finished. Incredibly diverse stories but every one excellent. Do yourself a favour and buy it – think of all those cosmic brownie points, AND you get a stonking good read.’ K J Ginnane

‘ “Stories for Homes” is a great anthology of short stories and some poems about the theme of home. A huge number of authors collaborated on this selection that covers about every aspect of the home experience that one can imagine: an unsatisfactory return to the family home, a TV makeover of a home in Babylonian style, Ellis Island, re-homing and many many more.
Issues range wide from immigration to housing in general or to a broken central heating; home can be a house, the homeland, where the heart is or the ‘musty scent of the bathroom floor’. The editors have done a marvellous job at bringing the pieces together to create a natural flow through the pieces that vary in style and sentiment and so offer something for everyone. Award winning authors and newcomers alike have contributed to this anthology but the standard of writing is consistently high. The proceeds of the book go to a housing project, so please buy a copy and support this worthy cause so it can be said that “the house opened its doors and let them in” ‘ Christoph Fischer Books

‘A great collection of original funny, sad and inspiring stories … and all the money going to a good cause. What’s not to like?’ A big fan.

‘Brilliant collection of stories, too many to mention any specifically. All on the broad theme of ‘home’ but varying widely in tone, style and voice. Over sixty stories, all wonderfully written. Most are what you might call literary fiction but there’s some great genre fiction in there as well, and even some verse. And it’s for a brilliant cause – all profits go to the charity Shelter.’ Matthew Willis

‘This is the perfect gift throughout the year, not just for Xmas. It is a huge collection with lots of good stories and something to please and awaken every taste, with all the profits going to a good cause. What is not to love? Please buy it for your own enjoyment and to support Shelter.’ Bridgette Colleen Househam

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