Book blasting – part 2

Most of the book blast posts were in part 1, but there were a few I missed or which came in later…

Amanda Saint shared 20 houses in 10 cities over 15 years…

We made it internationally on the book blast – Birds on a Wire focused on Birds reader and contributor Jaqueline Ward, who wrote ‘Brick Heart’. 

Several authors gave the book a second shout after the launch – like Owain Paciuszko and Wendy Ogden , and Tania Hershman. Big Up Words gave us a second promo shout just prior to John Taylor’s reading from SfH in Andover library. 

Review sites started to post too – like Brook Cottag Books and Top Book Releases. And of course there are reviews going up on Amazon and Goodreads; you can read some of them in the previous post.

I think that’s everyone – but if there are other shout-outs I’ve missed, do mail them in to us so we can link from here and share the news…


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