Andover does us proud!

A fabulous total of £479 was raised for Shelter at the ‘A Roof over your Head’ event in Andover last week.

Huge thanks to John Taylor, one of the SfH authors, who arranged a fabulous evening of music and words.

Around sixty people gathered to enjoy the event at St Michael’s, some travelling as many as 30 miles to be in attendance.

None of the musicians, singers, the conductor, church venue or church refreshment team charged for their services; all were committed to raise money for Shelter and raise awareness about homelessness.

That’s support.

John Taylor “I’m not IN a home, like they tell me. This IS my home.”

The Andover Museum Loft Singers

Nicola Judd reading

Nicky’s reading of Tracey Iceton’s ‘Home Tomorrow’ brought an intense silence, which Katherine & Suzanne picked up beautifully, playing Dvorak. Suzanne’s choices of music fitted the stories beautifully and the singers contributed to the shifting moods as well.

Katherine Coates, violin and Suzanne Coates, cello

Nicola and John, looking very pleased, as well they should…

Thanks to John Taylor and Tahira Martin for the photos…

2 thoughts on “Andover does us proud!

  1. That last photo looks suspiciously like, ‘Cheese, Grommit?’ By that time, my smile muscles had gone a bit rusty.

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