Almost a year on…

It’s almost a year – to the day – since Stories for Homes was published. To mark this momentous occasion, we are celebrating with snippets of the stories and a virtual blast on the 13th December. Fancy joining us?

The thing is, y’see, the need for support from Shelter is as great as ever. This Christmas, tens of thousands of children will again be homeless. Not sleeping rough homeless, but not-having-a-place-of-their-own-to-call-home homeless.

Like Nigel and his children…

“I thought being homeless was being on the street with your sleeping bag until I contacted Shelter, because then I got the idea that it wasn’t living in your own house – that’s homeless.”

You can watch the rest of Nigel’s story here: Nigel’s story

Did you watch? Has it redefined your image of homelessness? It did mine. What are we going to do about it?

Well if, over the next few days, you enjoy the snippets of the stories and poems we post, please share the message far and wide. Consider purchasing a copy of the book (digital or paperback available) as a present for a book-lover, because all the royalties go direct to Shelter – not a penny goes to any of the authors or editors because they gave their time and their words for free, moved by the plight of so many who aren’t able to call anywhere their home.

Let’s keep the issue in focus and help a few more folk get what they so desperately need.

Thank you.

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