The Importance of Singing – Wendy Ogden

London, 2041.

Seems so weird that people just swapped coins, or bits of paper, and not that long ago. My Dad even remembers banks. Then again, trains used to run underground, along tunnels perfect for mushroom growing and rhubarb. The trains made decent homes, so the old man says nothing was wasted in the long run. Di reckons there are some people around that do still use money so she’s going to save her coin. Like she says, the radio show must have ten quid, or they wouldn’t put Who Wants to Win Ten Quid? on the radio.


If you’ve enjoyed this snippet and would like to read the rest of the story, why not purchase a copy of the book? The Stories for Homes anthology, containing 63 stories and poems by both award-winning and yet-to-be-published authors became a bestseller AND all royalties go to the charity Shelter.

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