Daniel’s Gift – William Angelo

Now, with my mind clear, I can turn to the gift that I am building for John. It is by far the most complicated piece of joinery I have attempted – ever…

…The cuts are clean, made with fine-quality back-saws that I have kept sharp. Two hands on the saw, one hand on the timber, just as I was taught. The dovetails are tight. I’m pleased when I see them, not out of vanity, but because they are exactly how they should be.

I made the casing for the hidden mechanism from merbau because I needed a very hard wood. I had never used it before and, when I had completed the boxes, sanded and polished them, I was astonished by the way they sparkled, as though they were sprinkled with flecks of gold. I sat and stared at them, turning them around in the light for nearly an hour. Then they went into the assembly, out of sight forever.


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