Green Door – Michael Scott Thomson

I made a mental checklist as we were shown around.

Beige-and-cream coloured floral wallpaper from the 1970s. Check.

Pungent stomach-shafting odour as if something small and furry has expired behind the skirting board. Check.

Cold tap on the bath looser than my tongue after one too many vodka martinis. Check.

Paper-thin walls, flimsy enough to hear a gnat fart from three blocks away. Check.

Green door. Ooh! I nudged Steve. I always liked our old front door. Green: the colour of change and renewal.

“Gotta be a sign,” he said.

“But the rest-”

“Nothing that a lick of paint won’t fix,” he said.


If you’ve enjoyed this snippet and would like to read the rest of the story, why not purchase a copy of the book? The Stories for Homes anthology, containing 63 stories and poems by both award-winning and yet-to-be-published authors became a bestseller AND all royalties go to the charity Shelter.

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