Homeland – Katherine Hetzel

Councilman Tartris slammed his fist into his saddle. “We will not go into this wasteland. Look at it!”

Anna’s gaze swept over the barren expanse which lay in front of them. Withered grass stretched as far as the eye could see, as far as the strange, flat-topped mountain in the distance. “The heart leads me – and we must continue,” she answered, with a calmness she was struggling to maintain.

“No. I have had enough – we’ve all had enough.” Tartris shook his grizzled head and gripped the reins more tightly; Anna wondered fleetingly, whether he wished it were her neck. “We began this futile search twenty years ago and are no nearer a homeland now than we were at the start. The Council have decreed that the exodus stops, my lady,” he growled. “Right here.”


If you’ve enjoyed this snippet and would like to read the rest of the story, why not purchase a copy of the book? The Stories for Homes anthology, containing 63 stories and poems by both award-winning and yet-to-be-published authors became a bestseller AND all royalties go to the charity Shelter.

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