The Edge of the World – Jo Lidbetter

The edge of the world. That’s how she thought of it. She sat in the doorway looking out to a life that wasn’t hers…

…At least in the heat, people would come around more. They couldn’t travel so they came by for a chat and a smoke. The creaking from below was comforting too: a slow rhythmic groan from the wooden struts that kept the house away from the ground and dry when the rains came. Someone was in the hammock below the house, swaying gently, keeping the air moving. She listened for a moment, her head on one side. There was a gentle snoring but that was probably just one of the dogs. She could picture the hammock. When threads snapped it’d be brought up to her and she’d twist some cotton into twine and knot it back into shape. The kids would come and sit at her feet while she did this. Well, not at her feet, obviously, but next to her, teasing each other before leaping back out into the sunshine. Into their world and out of hers.

Her world was now this little house.


If you’ve enjoyed this snippet and would like to read the rest of the story, why not purchase a copy of the book? The Stories for Homes anthology, containing 63 stories and poems by both award-winning and yet-to-be-published authors became a bestseller AND all royalties go to the charity Shelter.


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