Praise for Stories for Homes

Readers have been blown away by the quality of the writing in Stories for Homes 2 and we are pleased to see the immense talent of our contributors recognised. Each and every one donated their work to the project, a most generous gift.

Isabel Costello wrote a wonderful review of the book on her blog The Literary Sofa. She reflects not just on the impact of the stories in the book, but on the way fiction allows writers to access deeper truths in the lives of the ‘other’. She says:

‘it’s noticeable that many of the most powerful and insightful pieces are by authors crossing all kinds of boundaries of identity and experience, with conviction and sensitivity.’

and calls the anthology as a whole:

‘one of the finest short story anthologies I’ve come across, in its consistent quality and exceptional variety of theme, setting and tone.’

You can read her full review here and her pick of the best books of 2017 here (including Stories for Homes 2, we’re delighted to say).

Elsewhere, our co-editor Debi Alper was interviewed by Retreat West’s Amanda Saint – you can read it here and Debi’s own blog about Stories for Homes here. Stories for Homes 2 author Jaqueline Ward wrote movingly about her personal reasons for getting involved in the project here.

And last but most decidedly not least, we were delighted to see the estimable Lit Pig include Stories for Homes 2 on his list of perfect presents for readers this Christmas. His associate Tracy Fells made sure to take a picture of him enjoying his copy. You can find all Lit Pig’s recommendations for idea stocking fillers over on Twitter.

theliterarypig_2017-Dec-08 1





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