Stories for Homes 2 Auction sneak peak

We are too excited about the Stories for Homes 2 auction lots to keep quiet any longer, so here is a sneak peak of one of our most exciting offerings: an original signed Viz comic strip print, donated to Stories for Homes by artists Barney Farmer and Lee Healey.

4ANDYweputyouupBarney and Lee chose this strip especially for the auction, saying:

Lee and I thought this strip apt, as one aspect of the housing crisis less discussed at present (due solely to the explosion of rough sleeping and homeless itself, it must be said) is the appalling quality of much temporary accommodation into which 80,000 households and 128,000 children – in England alone – are currently dumped. At its worst it ruins health, shatters self-esteem, and is surely the worst possible start in life for all those children.

Barney Farmer and Lee Healey are the creative duo behind Viz magazine’s Drunken Bakers strip, as well as work in Private Eye and Dirty Rotten Comics. We are enormously grateful to them both for donating this art work to our auction.

The auction goes live TOMORROW (Monday 8th January) at 10pm. You can follow us on eBay now by clicking here, and get ready to get bidding!



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