A Love Poem… I Promise

A Love Poem… I Promise

When I think of home, I think of you.

The way you stroke my hair, 

The way you leave your rubbish over there.

The smile that greets me at the door,

And the way you leave your clothes on the bathroom floor.

The way you leave the dishes to grow,

And the way you leave the bath to over flow.

 (Even though I remind you constantly, yet somehow this still happens?)


The way you shy away from chores, 

And the way you rattle the windows as you snore. 

(Even when I *gently* nudge you, this seems to encourage you more??)

The way you let the hoover gather dust,

But playing your computer game all day is a must?

(Seriously, how can you spend eight hours a day playing a game?)

The way you say you listen when I talk,

When in fact I know you haven’t because I definitely told you we were meeting my mum on Thursday and you said you were fine with that but oh no, now it’s a surprise I’m springing on you.


Sometimes, the little things you do bug me, 

But it’s also the way you hug me.

When you wrap your arms around me tight, 

I know, its all going to be alright. 

About the author:

Alice Wren is a part-time bookseller, part-time student. She has been writing on and off for the last couple of years and this is her first piece of published work.