I rise before most and move through this strange place that will nonetheless become more familiar to me. The sun is an unusual colour here. It touches the road ahead at a different angle than I am used to at this time of day. The morning chill too is not the same; I can feel it in my bones and teeth.

People say to me now, ‘This is your home.’
I smile in sadness.
I am not ungrateful, yet I want to say back: ‘Thank you, but if this is my home then where are my friends? Where is my family?’


About the author:

Adam Trodd’s fiction and poetry have appeared in publications such as The Flash Flood Journal, The Irish Times, The Incubator, KYSO Flash, Crannóg, Banshee, The Molotov Cocktail, and The Caterpillar. He was shortlisted for the 2015 Bath Flash Fiction Award and has a piece in the 2016 National Flash-Fiction Day Anthology. @A_Trodd