Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is. It’s wherever you lay your hat. Even E.T. had one.   There is also no place like it. Here are a few things that remind me of the homes I have lived in.

  1. Old newspaper laid down under carpet.
  2. A jumble of wires on the countertop belonging to mobile phones and kids’ hand-held devices.
  3. A food mixer with dirty beaters and a muffin tray ready to be loaded.
  4. The smell of baking bread, a stew on the stove and coffee brewing.
  5. A real Christmas tree.
  6. A roaring fire on a winter’s day.
  7. A clothes horse draped with drying clothes.
  8. The sound of creative clatter in the kitchen.
  9. Steam clouding the bathroom.
  10. A clothes line with bed linen waving in the breeze.
  11. A vase of flowers on the table.
  12. Kids’ bikes thrown on the ground outside the front door.
  13. A dog curled up on a chair. His lead on the floor beside him.
  14. Scuff marks on the wall.
  15. Empty toilet roll holder in the bathroom.
  16. Made beds.
  17. Unmade beds and overflowing laundry baskets.
  18. Breakfast dishes in the sink.
  19. Scrunched up wrapping paper on the floor, Christmas morning.
  20. Birthday cakes with candles.
  21. Muddy rugby boots and clods of dirt from them on the floor.
  22. The quiet hum of the washing machine.
  23. Make up, hairspray and face creams on a dressing table.
  24. A car parked in the driveway.
  25. Empty garden swings blowing in winter winds.
  26. A bird table in the garden.
  27. Snowdrops and daffodils peeping through flower pots at the front door.
  28. Trails of toothpaste on the bathroom sink.
  29. Wet towels on the floor.
  30. School bags littering the hallway.
  31. A coat stand covered with coats.
  32. Magnets on the fridge.
  33. Paintings on the wall.
  34. Crumbs and wet teabags on the countertop.
  35. A television left on when no one is home.
  36. Arguments and tears and making up.
  37. Kids’ toys everywhere.
  38. Rogue socks under beds and on the floor.
  39. Comic books on the bedroom floor left open on a page.
  40. Coffee rings on tables.
  41. Dust motes drifting through summer rays of light.
  42. CDs.
  43. Book shelves.
  44. A wooden chair with chew marks from the dog on one of the legs.
  45. Bunk beds.
  46. A rocking chair by the window.
  47. A mobile over a cot. A baby changing unit by the wall.
  48. Half candles with lines of melted wax sitting in open fireplaces.
  49. Wall clocks.  All five minutes fast.
  50. Families within.


About the author:

Gwen Loughman was a fixture behind many office desks before becoming a stay at home mother to four boy children, one Mister Husband and a dog. Currently trying not to sweat the small stuff, she writes for parenting magazines and cooks lots of meals that no one eats. One day she will get that novel out of her head and onto the computer.