Nonna’s Hands

My Nonna‘s* hands are always busy –

stirring pot of soup, dusting, arranging the table, washing dishes

making  bread and ravioli.

I love hearing her stories, watching her hands

add magic to the silly songs, as she trills out songs from her childhood.

When she puts oil in the pot and browns garlic (just a slight browning!)

and then adds crushed tomatoes to the pot, when those tomatoes simmer

with salt, parsley, and basil, my nose hints that I am home. After the table is

cleared and we have talked long past the sun’s cheery glow,

well into the time of silver shimmer of the moon, at bedtime, when

Nonna clasps my face between those

two dear, rough hands and kisses my cheeks, softly whispering,

ti amo, cara, then, I know that I am home.

*(Note: Nonna means Grandma in Italian)


About the author:

Joan Leotta is an author and story performer, encouraging words through Pen and Performance. Her historical fiction in the Legacy of Honor Series: Giulia Goes to War, Letters from Korea, A Bowl of Rice, Secrets of the Heart. Simply a Smile is her collection of short stories. WHOOSH! Is her picture book from THEAQ. You can download a mini-chapbook of her poems free