Real Life Stories

The Stories for Homes project was inspired by real life experiences. Here we share tales of rogue landlords, uninhabitable accommodation, outrageous rents, unmanageable referencing requirements, unwarranted evictions, unhelpful or powerless local authorities…

We’ll be adding more stories over time. Please feel free to comment below with your own experiences.

You can find these stories by clicking on the links below or via the drop-down menu from this page’s tab.

Ruth’s Story – Homeless in Hospital

Debi’s Story

Sally’s Story

Jacqui’s Story



3 thoughts on “Real Life Stories

  1. Really liked this – very resonant (particularly the description of how outsiders must have viewed you as oddballs & misfits but with great parties – that was us too!) ~ lived in short-life housing coop myself 20 odd years ago. despite chaotic nature of it all and insecurity, it was a life-saver and my flatmates and I were re-housed in a 3 bed council flat off the old kent road I couldn’t have established myself in London without being able to pay the low rent. I don’t think those housing co-ops exist like they used to. I have a single parent friend who is struggling so much in the private rented sector & there doesn’t seem to be a way out for her now.

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