The second Stories for Homes anthology is now available in both paperback and Kindle editions. Once again, writers were invited to submit stories on the theme of home and 55 pieces were selected for inclusion. A further 29 stories make up our online anthology (see below). All profits go to Shelter.


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Praise for Stories for Homes 2:

“Stories give our imaginations a home. It’s good to see them helping to give people shelter in the real world, too…” JOANNE HARRIS, author of Chocolat

“A cornucopia of witty, tragic, elegant, raw, heart-warming and terrifying stories that take the idea of Home, play with it as only truly talented writers can, and all to help those who have no home at all.” EMMA DARWIN, author of The Mathematics of Love and A Secret Alchemy

Contributors to Stories for Homes 2:

Ted Bonham, Leigh Forbes, Jan Carson, Michele Sheldon, Sharon Bennett, Matt Barnard, Santino Prinzi, P T Whelan, Sue Lanzon, Susmita Bhattacharya, Silvana Maimone, Poppy O’Neill, David John Griffin, Mandy Berriman, Lorraine Wilson, Caroline Hardman, Giselle Delsol, Joan Taylor-Rowan, Angelita Bradney, Anouska Huggins, Shell Bromley, Lee Hill, Lindsay Fisher, Margaret Jennings, Mohini Malhotra, J. A. Ironside, Andy Leach, Lee Hamblin, Jacqueline Ward, Liam Hogan, Tania Hershman, Marc de Faoite, Rachael Dunlop, Dave Clark, Jackie Taylor, Karen Ankers, Antonia Honeywell, Mike Blakemore, Sharon Telfer, Sylvia Petter, Maureen Cullen, Julie Hayman, Jacqueline Paizis, Dan Maitland, Isabel Costello, Sal Page, Catherine Assheton-Stones, F. J. Morris, Sophie Wellstood, David Cook, Britta Jensen, James Lawless, Lindsay Bamfield, Rose McGinty, Rachael McGill