The Online Anthology

We are proud to host an online anthology of stories to complement the e-book and print Stories for Homes 2 anthology. We have 29 stories to share and will be posting new stories here on a weekly basis.

Individual stories can be accessed from the drop-down menu on the tab above, or via the links below.

The Glen of Light by Carolyn Ward

A Love Poem – I Promise by Alice Wren

EBORACVM MON AMIS by Barry Fentiman

What’s In a Home by D R D Bruton

I, a Kazakh Fisherman by Jane Roberts

Potato Soup by Katherine Hetzel

Home Beneath a Bridge by Jane Anderson

Perfect Word by Mandy Huggins

The Cloth of Dreams by Moira Garland

Number Twenty-Four by Ruth F Hunt

Alien by Adam Trodd

The Sac That Was Our Living Room Ceiling by Nick Black

How to Sell a Broken Home by Damhnait Monaghan

The Silent Thief by Kereen Getten

What’s It About? by Alva Holland

Recipe for Home by Anne Summerfield

Snails and Hermits by Kate Jones

Drop by Deborah Champion

Learning from Experience by Emma McKinnon

Every House is a World by Christopher Woods

For Such a Long Time, I Was Afraid of Windows by Jane Burn

Homes is Where the Heart Is by Gwen Loughman

No Hard Feelings by Anne Goodwin

Bin Bags, Curtains by Jason Jackson

Nest Building by Caroline Sutherland

Song of Home by Jenny Gaitskell

Nonna’s Hands by Joan Leotta

Sitting in the Back by Eleni Kyriacou

The Little Squatters by Deborah Wroe