The Online Anthology

We are proud to host an online anthology of stories to complement the e-book and print Stories for Homes 2 anthology. We have 29 stories to share and will be posting new stories here on a weekly basis.

Individual stories can be accessed from the drop-down menu on the tab above, or via the links below.

The Glen of Light by Carolyn Ward

A Love Poem – I Promise by Alice Wren

EBORACVM MON AMIS by Barry Fentiman

What’s In a Home by D R D Bruton

I, a Kazakh Fisherman by Jane Roberts

Potato Soup by Katherine Hetzel

Home Beneath a Bridge by Jane Anderson

Perfect Word by Mandy Huggins

The Cloth of Dreams by Moira Garland

Number Twenty-Four by Ruth F Hunt

Alien by Adam Trodd